My work is an inspired blend of Traditional Psychotherapy, EMDR, Flower Essences, Eastern Philosophy, Astrology, and Meditation Practices.


I use some of the modalities that have helped me on my healing path...and I am honored to share them with you. 

A little about me...

Over the last 10 plus years of working with people, I have created my own style of therapy that has been very helpful to the people I work with.

What clients who work with me appreciate is that in addition to symptom relief, they come away with a deeper understanding of themselves, they have a feeling of empowerment, and they see real change and transformation in their lives. 


Making big changes is not always easy or fun so sometimes it helps to see the humor, even in therapy! I invite you to bring your sense of humor into the room and I will bring mine, deal?



In my years of counseling and really listening to all different kinds of people, what I have heard from my clients is: to feel truly happy in life, people want and need to feel seen and heard. I am here to help you feel that


It's also super helpful to have the support of a furry friend so I work with my dog Luigi. He provides a sweet energy of loving presence.​​

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Gia Vajrini Buonaguro, MFT

8170 Beverly Blvd Suite 201

Los Angeles, CA 90048 310 499 9533

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(310) 499 9533

8170 Beverly Boulevard Suite 201

Los Angeles, CA 90048


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